List Of Crimes Punishable By Proposed Death Penalty

The aim to enact death penal bill into a law still has a long way to go. People have mixed opinions and reactions regarding death penalty. Reviving death penalty will impose more serious punishment to those who trade, sell, transport and distribute dangerous drugs regardless of purity and quantity. If a person is caught possessing at least 10 grams of any dangerous drugs or 500 grams of marijuana, these criminal offenses will be punishable by death. If foreigners bring in illegal drugs into the country, they too will be executed regardless of the quantity and purity of substance. 

Lawmakers would also like to push through with the inclusion of non-drug related crimes such as murder, kidnapping and rape. For rape cases, the penalty will depend on how and when it happened. Aside from drug trade, corruption is also prevalent especially among government officials. They too are not spared because if found guilty of committing plunder amounting to P50 million or more, the crime will be punished with death. 

Proposed Crimes To Be Punished By Death

1. Treason

2. Qualified Piracy

3. Qualified Bribery

4. Parricide

5. Murder

6. Infanticide

7. Rape (Depends on when and hot it was committed)

8. Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention

9. Robbery with violence against or intimidation of persons

10.Destructive Arson


12.Importation of Dangerous Drugs

13.Sale, Trading, Administration, Distribution of Dangerous Drugs

14.Maintenance of a den, dive or resort where drugs are used

15.Manufacture of Dangerous Drugs

16.Possession of Dangerous Drugs (of certain quantities)

17.Cultivation of Plants Classified as Dangerous Drugs

18.Unlawful Prescription of Dangerous Drugs

19.Criminal Liability for Planting of Evidence



          Source: House Committee On Justice

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