The Minister of Natural Resources

The Director of Mines and Geo-Sciences To accelerate the national economic recovery program through conservation of foreign exchange reserves, increase in foreign exchange earnings through the exportation of non-traditional mineral and to improve the economic well-being of the inhabitants of Northern Palawan through the concept of self-employment and to give full meaning to the intents of P.D. 1899, otherwise known as the "Small Scale Mining Decree of 1984", giving opportunities even to poor sectors of the society to participate in the development and exploitation of the nation's mineral resources, the ban on silica sand mining in Northern Palawan including the Calamian Group of Islands and the areas around the Malampaya Sound effected under the Presidential Directive of March 22, 1976, is hereby lifted and the said areas are now open to mining location, exploration, development and exploitation within the purview of P.D. 1899.

To ensure that oil exploration, development and exploitation activities in the subject areas will not be adversely affected by the lifting of said ban, the mining permits or licenses issued over these areas should contain the mandatory condition that in the event the, mining activities will enterfere in any manner, with the oil exploration, development and exploitation activities, said mining activities will be immediately stopped and the corresponding mining permit or license issued thereon, cancelled and.

the government shall be free from any lien or liabilities as a result of the action taken.

Done in the City of Manila, this 15th day of January, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-six.

President of the Philippines