WHEREAS, the international energy crisis is expected to lead to an increase in the cost of imported oil and consequently in the general level of consumer prices;

WHEREAS, it is necessary to adjust the salaries of government officials and employees, in recognition of increase in the cost of living and to keep abreast of private sector compensation levels;

WHEREAS, it is necessary to five specific attention to the compensation problems of certain specialized Boards and Commissions previously exempted from the national compensation and position classification plans;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines,  by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby Order the  implementation of the following:

    The Board of Invest clients, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Insurance Commission,  the Tariff Commission, and the Board of Energy shall follow a uniform compensation and position classification plan covering basic salary, allowances and fringe benefits,  whether charged to the General Fund or to private  sector assessments.

    The Minister of tho Budget shall prepare and implement such a uniform Plan, which shall be based on the current scale of basic pay and allowances of tho Board of Investments.

    A position classification and compensation plan applicable to the  Boards and Commissions mentioned in item no. 1 hereof shall be prepared by the Minister of the Budget. The implementation of the plan shall be subject to the availability of funds and shall be limited to the first step of approved salary ranges in the case of agencies other than the Board of Investments.

    Any allowances duly authorized as of December 31, 1978 and confirmed by the Ministry of the Budget, shall be restored as of January 1, 1979, pursuant to the provisions of P.D.  No. 985; Provided,  That official notices of individual rates of allowance  shall be  confirmed by the Minister of the Budget and Provided, Further,  That these allowances shall be Progressively incorporated in salary adjustments until these reach the  standard level of the approved uniform compensation and position classification plan.

    The amounts Appropriated for salary increases which are incorporated in tho budgets of the agencies concerned shall be used for the salary adjustments directed by this Letter, Any deficiency shall be covered by salary lapses and other personal services savings of the agency concerned. Any remaining deficiency shall be covered by the Salary Adjustment Fund in the CY 1979 General Appropriations Act and from budgetary reserves.
    The salary increases authorized in this Letter shall take effect on Hay 1, 1979.
    The rules and regulations necessary to comply with this Letter shall be formulated and issued by the Minister of the Budget.

Done in the City of Manila, this 31st day of March, nineteen hundred and seventy-nine.


Republic of the Philippines
By the President:            
(Sgd.) JUAN C. TUVERA            
 Presidential Assistant