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Janitor Raises The Bar For Himself As He Passes 2016 Bar Exams

For individuals who persevere and work hard, reaching their dreams is never impossible. Ramil Comendador proves that nothing is impossible when you do everything to fulfill your ambition. 

The most surprising part is that Ramil was a former janitor, but later on, he became an election assistant at the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office.

He admitted that it was never easy to juggle his job and law study at the same time. Imagine memorizing legal terms while maintaining a good job performance. Anyone who has undergone such an experience will surely heave a sigh of relief upon discovering that the hard work has paid off. 

His eagerness to become a lawyer has borne fruits as he joins the 3,747 students who passed the 2016 bar exams. In spite of passing the bar exams, Comendador remained humble and vowed to continue working at Comelec for the time being.

His wife, Christy and colleagues are happy for what he achieved. Comendador also hoped that becoming a lawyer will be a perfect opportunity for him to meet his father whom he had never seen all his life. 

The success story of Ramil Comendador truly inspires others to dream big.