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Carnapped Vehicle: Steps To Take When Your Car Is Stolen

These days, a car is more of a need than a want as it conveniently takes you from point A to point B. What if someone takes away the convenience you enjoy for their own gain? It is indeed devastating and even disheartening to discover that your parked car is nowhere to be found. All the hardwork is wasted upon finding out that your vehicle has been carnapped. You may immediately panic, but it is important to have presence of mind so you can still hold on to essential details, which will help you track your stolen car. 

The details you need to obtain before contacting the authorities are the distinguishing features of your car, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), car's make and model and the license plate number. 

There are instances when your car is parked in a different section. In this case, your car may not be stolen but towed. Before going on panic mode, make sure you verify this information. If your vehicle is being towed, you need to get the contact number of a traffic management or local towing office. 

If you have a car insurance, you should also let the insurance company know about the incident. If you have got a cover that protects your vehicle against theft, you will be able to get an insurance coverage for the vehicle's fair market value. You will need to present a copy of the police report and certificate of registration to your provider. 

Most vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) unit that enables car owner to determine where their car is. This car feature will also increase the odds that you are going to recover your car. 

Section 14 of Republic Act No. 6539 provides details on the penalty imposed upon individuals who violate the law:

Section 14. Penalty for Carnapping. Any person who is found guilty of carnapping, as this term is defined in Section two of this Act, shall, irrespective of the value of motor vehicle taken, be punished by imprisonment for not less than fourteen years and eight months and not more than seventeen years and four months, when the carnapping is committed without violence or intimidation of persons, or force upon things; and by imprisonment for not less than seventeen years and four months and not more than thirty years, when the carnapping is committed by means of violence against or intimidation of any person, or force upon things; and the penalty of life imprisonment to death shall be imposed when the owner, driver or occupant of the carnapped motor vehicle is killed in the commission of the carnapping.