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5 Scams To Watch Out For This Holiday Season

December is the season to be vigilant because scammers and crooks are on the prowl for the next victim. Many people fall prey to a vast range of schemes and it is already too late before you realize that the criminal has outsmarted you. This is why it pays to be mindful of these schemes and educating yourself is going to be your best defense.

1. Taxi Scams

A taxi driver whose intention is to take you to your destination will choose the fastest and safest route possible. However, if a taxi driver has another thing in mind, passing through less known streets is going to be a common scenario. These taxi drivers will stop on an isolated street where their accomplices are waiting. It is going to be a ride to hell as the accomplices will hop on the cab and take the passenger's valuables. 

It is important to take note of the cab's plate and the driver's name. Send the information to a loved one. Lock the doors to prevent accomplices from hopping on the cab. 

2. Budol-budol Gang

While this is not a new tactic, many people have been deceived and crooks have already taken the money before the victim can realize that he or she has become a victim of the criminal's schemes. The scenario would usually involve a group of people talking to an unsuspecting victim. Before you know it, you have already submitted to the demands of the group and you just hand over your cash and valuables in exchange for a bag of fake goods or bills. Your parents used to tell you not to talk to strangers. Well guess what, it is still going to be your best defense against Budol-budol gang. 

3. Internet Scams

If traffic makes shopping stressful, online shopping is an option worth-exploring. Although it makes Christmas shopping a breeze, many people have still been exposed to many types of scams. Have you ever placed an order of an item only to find out that it is not what you have hoped for. Have you already paid for the item, but the item never arrived at your doorstep? These are the common internet scams when doing an online shopping. 

It is important to be mindful of the seller you are buying items from. Check reviews and profiles so you will know if the transaction is really legitimate. 

4. Automated Teller Machine Scams

You need to exercise caution when withdrawing your hard-earned money from automated teller machines. This is because there are many ATM schemes that give crooks the opportunity to take your money effortlessly. One of which is cloning your card using an ATM scheming device. They have copied everything and you will wonder why you have no money left in your account. You can keep these scammers at bay if you are watchful of those who have suspicious characters who are circulating the ATM before you make a transaction. Choose the ATM situated inside the bank. ATM scams often take place when machines are located in places that are not well lit. 

5. Salisi Gang

You are in a high-end restaurant or shopping center, so what else could go wrong? Salisi gang attacks when you least expect it. You may be confident of placing your bag in an unoccupied seat beside you, but little do you know that the group is just waiting for a perfect opportunity to strike. These people are dressed in stylish clothes so nobody would suspect them. When a prey is preoccupied or distracted, this is the time they will execute their plan of stealing your valuables. Never leave your things unattended . Place it in an area where you can easily see it.