New Law Prohibits A Two-Wheeled Motorcycle From Taking Small Children For A Ride

Children being taken for a ride on a motorcycle can be witnessed on public roads. Some are wearing a protective gear such as a helmet but others simply wrap their arms around the driver's waist. On May 19, small children are prohibited from riding motorcycles. This rule is in accordance with the Republic Act No. 10666 or the Children's Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015. 

If you are driving a two-wheeled motorcycle, you are no longer allowed to take your children along public roads. This is because drivers will be exposing small children to danger with the sight of fast-moving vehicles and traffic. However, exemptions still apply. The law does not apply to cases of transporting a child to obtain immediate medical attention.  

SEC. 4. Prohibition. – It shall be unlawful for any person to drive a two (2)-wheeled motorcycle with a child on board on public roads where there is heavy volume of vehicles, there is a high density of fast moving vehicles or where a speed limit of more than 60/kph is imposed, unless:

(a) The child passenger can comfortably reach his/her feet on the standard foot peg of the motorcycle;

(b) The child’s arms can reach around and grasp the waist of the motorcycle rider; and

(c) The child is wearing a standard protective helmet referred to under Republic Act No. 10054, otherwise known the “Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009.”

SEC. 5. Exception. – Notwithstanding the prohibition provided in the preceding section, this Act shall not apply to cases where the child to be transported requires immediate medical attention.

SEC. 6. Penalties. – Any person who operates a motorcycle in violation of Section 4 of this Act shall be fined with an amount of three thousand pesos (P3,000.00) for the first offense; five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) for the second offense; and ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) for the third and succeeding offenses.

Moreover, for the third offense, the driver’s license of the offender shall be suspended for a period of one (1) month.

Violation of these provisions beyond the third time shall result to automatic revocation of the offender’s driver’s license.

SEC. 7. Review of Penalties. – The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is hereby empowered to increase or adjust the amounts of fines herein imposed: Provided, That:

(a) The increase or adjustment is made after public consultation once every three (3) years from the effectivity of this Act and in the amount not exceeding twenty percent (20%) of the amounts sought to be increased or adjusted;

(b) A thorough study has been conducted indicating that the existing amounts are no longer an effective deterrent;

(c) Current relevant economic indices, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), have been considered in the determination of the increase or adjustment; and

(d) The increases or adjustment shall only become effective fifteen (15) days after its publication in two (2) newspapers of general circulation.

SEC. 8. Qualifying Circumstances. – If, in violation of the provisions of this Act, death shall have resulted or serious or less serious injuries shall have been inflicted upon the child or any other person, a penalty of one (1) year imprisonment shall be imposed upon the motorcycle rider or operator of the motorcycle involved without prejudice to the penalties provided under Act No. 3815, otherwise known as “The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines”, as amended.

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