Fake Lawyer Lands In Jail

Last week, bar exam results filled the news and social media. Many celebrated for the hardwork has finally paid off. Indeed, the preparation for the bar exam starts on day one in law school. 

Being keen on Philippine law is a must as you will be required to familiarize yourself with Civil law, Criminal Law, Labor law, etc. While you need to undergo a tedious process to become a lawyer, there are people who prefer to take a shortcut. 

Some of you might be scratching your head, wondering if there really is a shorter route to becoming a lawyer. Well, there is, but it can land you in jail just like what happened to Noel Maracuelo, who is a ship captain by profession. 

Maracuelo was arrested for introducing himself as a lawyer to Kirby Magdadaro. The latter was tricked into believing that Maracuelo was indeed a law practitioner. Magdadaro has a pending real estate case in Liloan Municipal Circuit Trial Court. Unfortunately, the case was dismissed and when Magdadaro sought for legal opinion from another lawyer, it was discovered that the pleadings were marred by errors. 

NBI investigation was conducted as Magdadaro already paid an amount of P30,000. Investigators found out that Maracuelo was not listed in the roll of attorneys. It was also discovered that the attorney's identification number was owned by another lawyer. Marcuelo was arrested during an entrapment operation. 

Maracuelo is criminally liable for violating the Revised Penal Code including falsification of document and estafa. 

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Written by : Pinoy Attorney