8 New Philippine Laws: Part 3 of 8 Anti-Mail Order Spouse Act

Republic Act 10906 or an "An An act providing stronger measures against unlawful practices, businesses, and schemes of matching and offering Filipinos to foreign nationals for purposes of marriage or common law partnership, repealing for the purpose republic act no. 6955, also referred to as the 'anti-mail order bride law'" is one of the new laws under Duterte administration. This law penalizes an individual engaging in business which involves offering Filipino to foreigners for marriage or common law partnership. Anyone who violates this law will be penalized with 15 years of imprisonment. The person will also pay at least P500,000 thousand pesos as fine. 

Sec. 3. Prohibited Acts - It shall be unlawful for any person, whether natural or juridical, to commit, directly or indirectly, any of the following acts:

a) Engage in any business or scheme for money, profit, material, economic or other consideration which has for its purpose the matching or offering of a Filipino to a foreign nationals for marriage or common law partnership on a mail-order basis or through personal introduction, email, or websites on the internet. 

b) Exhibit, advertise, publish, print, or distribute, or cause the exhibition, advertisement, publication, printing, or distribution of brochures, flyers, or propaganda materials which are calculated to promote the prohibited acts in the preceding paragraph, or to post, advertise, or upload such materails through websites on the internet;

c) Solicit, enlist, or in any manner, attract, or induce any Filipino to become a member in any club or association whose objective is to match Filipino nationals to foreign nationals for the purpose of marriage or common law partnership for a fee; and

d) To use the postal service or any website on the internet to promote the prohibited acts under this section. 

The above notwithstanding, legitimate dating websites, which have for their purpose connecting individuals with shared interests in order to cultivate personal and dating relationships, are not covered by this Act. 

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