Pursuant to Proclamation No. 108l, dated September 21, 1972, and in my capacity as Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces of the Philippines and for being active participants in the conspiracy to seize political and state power in the country and to take over the Government by force, the extent of which has now assumed the proportion of an actual war against our people and their legitimate Government and in order to prevent them from further committing acts that are inimical or injurious to our peoples the Government and our national interest, I hereby order you as Secretary of National Defense to forthwith arrest or cause the arrest and take into your custody the individuals named in the attached list and to hold them until otherwise so ordered by me or by my duly designated representative.

Likewise, I do hereby order you to arrest or cause the arrest and take into custody and to hold them until otherwise ordered released by me or by my duly authorized representative, such persons as may have committed crimes and offenses in furtherance or on the occasion of or incident to or in connection with the crimes of insurrection or rebellion, as well as persons who have committed crimes against national security and the laws of nations, crimes against the fundamental laws of the state, crimes against public order, crimes involving usurpation of authority, title, improper use of name, uniform and insignia. including persons guilty of crimes as public officers, as well as those persons who may have violated any decree or order by me personally or promulgated upon my direction.

Done in the City of. Manila, this 22nd day of September, in year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred end seventy-two.




Republic of the Philippines


[*] Amended by General Order No. 19