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Forum Rules

12 Jul 2015 00:18 #2 by Pinoy Attorney
Forum Rules was created by Pinoy Attorney
The Ask an Attorney Forum has been designed as a free resource for people needing some legal guidance. We like to keep things friendly, so here are some basic guidelines to follow in using the forums.


It costs nothing to be nice to people. People are here to share their knowledge – not to be abused. Be nice to people or we will ban you.


Flaming is the practice of deliberately inflaming another user. We do not tolerate that kind of behaviour here. Do it, and we will ban you.


This is not a place to spread half-truths or lies. If you don’t know something, say that you don’t know or please stay out of the discussion.


We want forum members to add value. This means that if you know something, we ask that you share it freely. Next time, it might be you needing help.


This is not a place to promote commercial interests. Blatant spammers and self-promoters will be banned from the group immediately.

We will add to these rules over time. Please come back and review them again soon.

Pinoy Attorney | Administrator
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